Flexible Overhead Power and Control of Equipment in Motion

Feedrail®/Electro-Rail® offers a complete line of overhead trolley and plug-in busway electrification systems. With almost 100 years in the business, we understand moving applications, and can address your questions and provide you custom solutions when it comes to selecting a power source that will move with your application.

A Host of Applications

Feedrail®/Electro-Rail® developed a moving source of electrification to answer the needs of several industries who were evolving into mass production processes where the ability to have movable power outlets were needed. As production layouts changed, rearranging equipment became much easier and production was no longer delayed and productivity increased with the Feedrail® system.

Feedrail® Systems have become more and more sophisticated over the years. You'll see them in abusive, heavy-duty applications such as steel mills, and rapid transit systems. In high-tech industries, this product is being used to perform testing and burn-in functions at modern assembly plants.

No matter what your application, we can engineer a system to meet your requirements.

Simple design leads to quick and easy installs and mods

Feedrail® Systems are manufactured of standard units that are factory pre­assembled to save time on the installation site. Our systems install with just a wrench and a screwdriver so you can add, modify, change, or tailor any of these systems to meet your needs quickly.

Compact design equates to dollar savings

Our Feedrail® Trolley Busway Systems incorporate all power conductors into one housing minimizing installation costs.

Quality design and construction means superior safety

Feedrail® Overhead Electrification Systems assure the safety of your personnel and operate dependably at any level from ceiling to floor. Since all currency-carrying components are enclosed, the contact with live current is eliminated. Feedrail® Systems are U.L. Listed and C.S.A. Certified, where applicable.

Minimum maintenance and dependable performance

Because they're so well constructed, Feedrail® Electrification Systems will deliver years of trouble-free, reliable service. Once installed, your Feedrail® System is virtually maintenance free. Periodic inspection and cleaning is all that's required.

Why are Feedrail® Systems the best?

All Feedrail® Electrification Systems share some important benefits:

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